Initiation Ritual

Adopted by the First National Convention held on February 28, 1953 at Purdue University

   (The members and guests should be seated and the officers standing in a central position behind a table on which is the official roll book. The Treasurer will have previously taken the initiates to a separate room where he will instruct them as to their actions during the ceremony. The Treasurer will then line up the initiates in alphabetical order and be prepared to introduce them one by one when so ordered by the President).

   "Ladies and gentlemen, we will now proceed with the initiation ceremony: the Treasurer will now introduce the initiates as they come before you." (The Treasurer will now introduce each initiate allowing each one to move to the proper place before introducing the next. The Secretary will assist in placing the initiates so that they face the members and guests).

   "The Sigma Gamma Tau Society has been established to recognize and honor those individuals in the field of aerospace engineering who have through scholarship, integrity, and outstanding achievement been a credit to their profession. You have been chosen to become members of Sigma Gamma Tau because you have fulfilled these ideals."

   "A brief history and the objectives of our society will be presented by the Vice-President."

Vice President:
   "The honorary society of Sigma Gamma Tau was jointly founded by Tau Omega and Gamma Alpha Rho at Purdue University in the year 1953. Tau Omega was founded at Oklahoma University in the year 1927 and Gamma Alpha Rho was founded at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the year 1945."

   "The objective of Sigma Gamma Tau is to foster a high standard of ethics and professional practices and to create a spirit of loyalty and fellowship, particularly among students of Aerospace Engineering."

   "The Greek letters which represent our names were chosen because they represent the summation of the initial letters of the founding societies."

   "You have heard the purposes and objectives of Sigma Gamma Tau. If you are prepared to further these purposes and objectives, raise your right hand and repeat after me: 'I, (your name), promise to uphold the constitution, obey the By-laws, promote the objectives, and work for the good of the society.' "

   "Then, by virtue of the authority vested in me as President of the _______________ Chapter, I declare each of you to be a member of Sigma Gamma Tau. Will you now please step forward as your name is read and sign the official rolls of the Society."

   (The Secretary reads the name of the initiates allowing sufficient time for each to sign).

   "The colors (or key) of the Society will now be pinned on you." (The President will pin the colors (or key) on each initiate, shake the hand of each, and then proceed to the next. The Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and all other members will then individually welcome the new members with a handshake).

   (The new members will then take their place at the banquet or refreshment table.)