Nomination and Order Forms

The following forms are available in the specified file format:
(Depending on browser or configuration, you may have to do the following in order to download an Excel file - after you open the file page, use the "SAVE PAGE AS" command (under the "FILE" command) to save it as an XLS format file. If this does not work, please contact the National Secretary-Treasurer to get the file via e-mail.)

Please note that permanent record cards are no longer required!

What to submit by mail to the National Secretary-Treasurer when initiating new members:

Other items - to be submitted electronically via e-mail:

*The membership nomination form must be signed by the faculty advisor (and preferably also the initiates). The signed membership nomination form must be (physically) mailed to the National Secretary-Treasurer along with the chapter's payment in the form of a single check made out to "Sigma Gamma Tau." An electronic version of the completed membership nomination form should also be e-mailed to the National Secretary-Treasurer in order to minimize the possibility of misprinted certificate names. Note that a scanned copy is not acceptable. (Alternative: simply e-mail the initiate names in the text body of an e-mail message to the National Secretary-Treasurer.)

**This form should be downloaded filled out by the nominee or faculty advisor. Once completed, the chapter's faculty advisor should send or forward it (and any attachments such as a resume) via e-mail to the National Secretary-Treasurer. The Executive Council will then take action on this special member nomination application. Note that this form along with a resume must be submitted at least one month before the proposed initiation date. For posthumous cases, additional time will be required for the executive council to consider the case.

***Jewelry orders from alumni members will be filled upon verification of membership. This can be accomplished by sending a copy of the membership certificate together with the order.

Alumni members who wish to obtain replacement certificates should contact their chapter of initiation. Upon verification of membership, the chapter can order a replacement certificate for you from National Headquarters. Cost of a replacement certificate is $10.