Society Jewelry, Ties, and Graduation Stoles

The following merchandise is available from the National Office. The order forms can be found on the Sigma Gamma Tau web site.


Other merchandise have been phased out.

Graduation Stole

The graduation stoles can be special ordered through the National Office (cost is $38.00 per stole). The stoles are shipped directly from the manufacturer to the chapter. Orders should be placed at least 60 days prior to graduation (i.e., October 1st for fall semester graduation and March 1st for spring semester graduation) in order to deal with delays in shipment or other unforseen problem issues. If your order does not arrive within 30 days, please contact the National Office. Orders which are placed 30-60 days in advance will most likely arrive in time, but it will be difficult to ship a second set of stoles if there are problems with your original shipment. Please note that orders are placed AFTER receipt of the payment check at the National Office (credit cards and departmental purchase orders are not accepted). As of the 2018 National Convention, the National Office allows the faculty advisor to request a set of stoles on an IOU basis. However, no additional IOU's (another set of stoles or membership certificates or jewelry) are allowed until payment for this initial IOU is received. Note that the request must come directly from the faculty advisor.

Many chapters purchase a set of stoles which they keep in stock and sells them to graduates on a first-come first-serve basis. As their stock is reduced to a critical level, these chapters order in "bulk" so that they do not run out. The National Office recommends this practice since stoles involve a long lead time to order.

Since stoles are long lead time items, the National Office encourages chapters to maintain sufficient stock and make some stoles available for rent. This allows chapters to raise funds as well as to help students who request stoles at the "last minute." The idea of tracking the name(s) of those who wore the specific rented stole at their graduation has also been suggested. (Think about being able to wear the same stole as a well-known alumnus at your graduation.) Rather than renting stoles for a fee, some chapters have suggested offering stoles to those who have earned the most service points in their chapter. In case of stole rental, a deposit fee (in addition to rental fee) is recommended to reduce the likelihood that the stole is not returned.

As of the 2006 National Convention, the National Office sends a stole (or jewelry as an alternative) to each chapter which nominates a student to the Annual Undergraduate Award competition. This stole should be worn by the award nominee at his/her graduation.